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He who saves one life, saves the world entire.

The Talmud

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The Buoy of Orpheus

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poetic exhortation

Whether beggar

or billionaire

The most valuable

thing you own

Is this moment

Use it wisely...



ears pricking


kd lang - hymns of the 49th parallel


eric clapton - me & mr johnson


rem - around the sun


omara portuondo - flor de amor


david bowie - best of bowie


tony penultimate - soppy & the sentimentals


leonard cohen - dear heather




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Come Dance With Me

Russell Hoban


The Mouse and His Child

Russell Hoban


Vernon God Little

DBC Pierre


The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Mark Haddon


Ideas, Obsessions, Intertexts: A Nonlinear Approach to Russell Hoban's Fiction

Yvonne Studer


In Search of a Beginning: My Life with Graham Greene

Yvonne Cloetta


If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things

Jon McGregor


Her Name Was Lola

Russell Hoban


Eats, Shoots and Leaves

Lynne Truss


The Powells.Com Interviews: 22 Authors and Artists Talk About Their Books

Dave Weich


Cinema Today

Edward Buscombe


Miss Renee's Mice Go To An Exhibition

Elizabeth Hoffman


Attitude: Wanna Make Something Of It?

Tony Allen


Life of Pi

Yann Martel


The Sex Life of My Aunt

Mavis Cheek


The Lost Army of Cambyses

Paul Sussman


Diving Girls

Jo Mazelis


What The Sea Means

Dave Awl


The Writer's Handbook 2004

Barry Turner (Ed.)


Here to Eternity - An Anthology of Poetry

Andrew Motion (Ed.)



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"If you haven't dropped by, Richard Cooper's 'Webzinelog',
you owe yourself the pleasure. Richard and the Cat offer up thoughtful, funny and trenchant observations on current events, the arts, the book pile
by the bed, a weekly thought and a weekly cat, plus a section of poetry and fiction, letters to newspaper editors, travel notes and more"
- Dave Awl,

"Keep up the good (and, it seems, prolific) work"
- David Thair, BBC Collective

"Good design, good commentary, good links... all kinds of good things"
- Eli Bishop,


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noel gallagher reads the submissions to the noel gallagher four-noun autobiography title game*






prick up your ears to how people really speak






a rather nicer hamburger than was generally served at the restaurant thoughtcat worked in during the late eighties






an account of a trip to (and a wedding in) thailand






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who is this thoughtcharacter anyway? and what breed is he?



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